“military guard” in season 8

Game of Thrones looking for someone to play a “military guard” in season 8

The Game of Thrones production has been extremely busy lately filming season 8, and there’s more to come. Fansite Watchers on the Wall has information about a new role being cast.

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Game of Thrones wants a “Military Guard.” The actor can be aged anywhere from 25-35, and can be of any ethnicity. The show wants a “fit and agile excellent actor with a good distinctive face,” someone who “can handle himself in a fight.”

The role is small. It will film on March 2 and only March 2 in Northern Ireland, so we’ll keep our eyes on Titanic Studios in Belfast come next week.

Most likely, this is a grunt in one army or another who for whatever reason gets a touch more screentime than his fellows — perhaps he’s part of a council, or we see a closeup of him getting torn apart by a wight/set aflame by a dragon. The question is: Which army is he apart of? Since the actor can be of any ethnicity, I’m doubting he fights for one of the Great Houses of Westeros. The soldiers there tend to be pretty homogenous. However, he could be a member of Daenerys’ Unsullied army, or part of the ranks of the Golden Company, which last we checked was making its way over to Westeros courtesy of Euron Greyjoy’s fleet.

What do you guys think?

There’s more casting news. A while back, two actors known to have roles in season 8 —  Danielle Galligan and  Emer McDaid — posted a picture of themselves with a third actor — Alice Nokes, best known for a recurring role on EastEnders — on Instagram. The subtitle to the post read, “Aaaaaand that’s a wrap” with the hashtag “#Belfast,” indicating that the three of them had filmed something for Game of Thrones together

That was unconfirmed for a while, but no more. According to her Creative Arts Management CV, Nokes will indeed appear in season 8, and it’ll be as a character named “Willa.” Her CV also reveals that she worked under David Nutter, who is directing the first two episodes of the year.There’s no way of know exactly how Willa will play into the story. There’s no corresponding character from the novels, although there are a couple of important people Wylla, which is close. One of Lord Wyman Manderly’s daughters in named Wylla — when Davos visits Manderly’s court, she stands up in front of a bunch of Freys and calls them out for killing Robb. It’s also the name of a wet nurse that Ned Stark tells Robert Baratheon is Jon Snow’s mother, although we now know that was a big fat lie, if we didn’t already. 


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